Let’s eat! Come for the golf, stay for the food

Food writer Anastasia Rioux pays a visit to Forest Ridge Golf & Country Club in Chelmsford

The hopping breakfast joint in Chelmsford on Sundays is the lush green golf and country club.

Forest Ridge, in the western part of the city, has been in operation since 1995 with Ron Belanger as the owner.

Alice Aupin, manages the golf course front of house including the restaurant, bar and special occasion bookings.

“My mom always worked in the restaurant business,” Aupin said. “From the time I was eight years old, I was bussing tables and helping out so working here is a natural fit.

“I came here to help with an event 19 years ago and essentially never left.”

At the time, Aupin was managing a home day care with her own three kids.

Since then, he has taken up golf and runs three leagues along with the club championship. She even got married in the gazebo a few short years ago.

“The learning process has been wonderful. Taking up the game eight years ago really helped in that regard,” Aupin said.

When it comes to food, Aupin is in charge and loves the weekly breakfast run.

“The feedback is always overwhelmingly positive every week,” Alice said. “We started with two staff and have now climbed to six. Every year we seem to be adding an extra person to get through the breakfast run.”

Aupin said they rely on the dedicated church crowds and the fact that there are really no other breakfast spots in the area. She said the prices are reasonable and the service and food is amazing. Aupin is also in charge of the wedding and tournament meals.

As the in-house cook, Aupin loves to make each of these celebrations one to remember.

“We always get compliments with the roast beef, the ribs with the homemade sweet and sour sauce and the fried chicken dishes.”

Other meal options include turkey or steak.

For weddings, she often services 250 people and tournaments run around 100-160 people.

“Some people sweat over cooking for large groups. I struggle to make meals for my husband and I, now that all the children have moved out,” she joked.

In addition to the venue of a golf course for breakfast or special occasions, the grounds of Forest Ridge are lovely. There is a beautiful water fountain on the course that was installed last season, a gazebo for celebrations and a sizable hall with lots of windows to admire the surrounding greenery.

The golf course itself is tough and long, which keeps customers happy and hungry when their round is complete.

Aupin urges customers to come for a round, and stay for a meal.

Forest Ridge Golf and Country Club is located at 3525 Forest Ridge Road in Chelmsford. Besides the website, you can visit Forest Ridge on Facebook.

Anastasia Rioux is a writer in Greater Sudbury. Let’s eat! is made possible by our Community Leaders Program.

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