Fun Cooking Class and Office Tour Indonesian Koko Cici Association at PT SASA INTI

Thursday, January 26 2023, 12:19 WIB

Fun cooking and office tour with the Indonesian koko cici association (Photo: doc. Sasa Inti)

JAKARTA, – Approaching the Chinese New Year celebration which falls on Sunday, 22 January 2023, PT Sasa Inti invites the Koko Cici Indonesia Association to jointly take part in a Fun Cooking Class with the theme of Chinese New Year dishes, followed by a tour around the activities at the Sasa office Jakarta.

The Fun Cooking Class event was opened directly by Cici Ellen Theodora, Chairperson of the Indonesian Koko Cici Association accompanied by a special greeting from Koko Cici who was present.

Together with Chef Kongs and Chef Igo, Koko Cici Indonesia 2022 namely Koko Alfincent and Cici Thania together with 8 representatives of Koko Cici from various provinces in Indonesia directly involved in making Chinese New Year dishes, including Yu Sheng Salad, Angsio Teripang, Steam Grouper, and Lucky Wonton .

fun cooking with the Indonesian cici koko association (Photo: doc. Sasa)

After having lunch together, Koko Cici toured the Sasa Jakarta office in an Office Tour activity accompanied by Regina Karlina, Manager – People & Culture of PT Sasa Inti.

The tour program began with the enthusiasm of Koko Cici who took part in The Crazy Kind campaign by sharing good messages on the Wall of Kindness that had been provided.

The event continued by going around seeing Sasa’s work culture in person, greeting Sasa employees who were working, trying out the excitement of the wellness area and not forgetting to take a photo with Rudolf Tjandra, CEO of PT Sasa Inti and Ita F. Wardojo, CHRO – Food Cluster.

Sasa is very pleased to receive a visit from the Indonesian Koko Cici Association and hopes that the collaboration between Sasa and Ikoci can continue.

Other PT Sasa Inti activities can also be followed through the company’s social media on PT Sasa Inti’s LinkedIn, Instagram and Tiktok @lifeatsasa and information on the Indonesian Koko Cici Association can be followed on Instagram

Editor : Yaomi Suhayatmi

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