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With his gritty personality and dedication to helping restaurants on the brink of collapse, Robert Irvine has been a longtime star on the Food Network thanks for showing likes Restaurant: Impossible.

However, the professional chef recently confirmed that the network has opted out of renewing the show, effectively canceling it.

why? Robert offered some insight recently while speaking candidly with his disappointed fans who have been following the series since it was launched in 2011.

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During a Q&A on Twitter, Robert let fans know that the show was no longer in progress but that there were other things in the works. By the sounds of it, the cancellation is final and will not be reversed no matter what the fans want.

“I don’t think any amount of fans telling Foodnetwork to bring it back will do anything,” Robert tweeted. “They have a different idea of ​​what viewers want and @Rest_Imposs isn’t in that .. so we will move on and see what happens next.”

He explained to another fan a general reason why Food Network wasn’t interested in continuing with the series: “I’m old news and although the show is a GREAT show that helps small businesses and families / communities it’s not a show that they believe fits into who or what they want or the younger viewers like.”

When a fan said that their young son also loved to binge the series, Robert agreed that he had support from a subset of the younger demographic. “As i said i have no idea why it was stopped,” he said.

Robert also addressed the fact that the network seems to favor contest shows, which some fans thought might be quicker and easier to film. Not the case as Restaurant: Impossible was “just as cheap.”

While fans will no longer be able to see new seasons of Restaurant: ImpossibleFood Network has renewed nine other shows so far this year.

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