Death Threats Prompt BTS Army to Call on BigHit to Protect Jungkook

Jungkook performing during FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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BTS members, Jungkook has previously urged fans to stop sending food to his house. But it seems like not everyone got the message as one stalker announced plans to kill the K-pop star before he entered his military duties. Now, worried K-pop fans called out the artist’s music label to do something before something bad happens.

The hashtag #ProtectJungkook and the phrase “TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY” trended on Twitter after someone on Instagram announced that they planned to kill the K-pop star in his house. They claimed that they live next to the K-pop star and expect his name in the news proclaiming that he is dead.

The stalker claimed that they were responsible for sending Jungkook food before the K-pop star urged fans to stop via Weverse. They claimed that the K-pop star was “rude” to them after he refused to take their food. Now they’re claiming that murdering the star shouldn’t be difficult.

Luckily, their first attempt was a bust since the stalker claimed that Jungkook wasn’t at home at the time. They’re now asking for the artist’s location in hopes of finding him.

Fans tried to tag Big Hit and the official BTS accounts to warn them about the death threats but the stalker added that their account is “private” so neither BigHit nor BTS will know their plans. This didn’t stop fans from tagging both the label and official accounts on Twitter in hopes of getting their attention.

This isn’t the first time that BTS members received death threats from stalkers. It was reported by Mashable that Jimin received death threats back in 2022, days before BTS’s concert in Busan.

At the moment, neither Jungkook nor BigHit have mentioned anything about the alleged attempted attack on the K-pop star. However, the fact that the first alleged attack was a failure since Jungkook was fortunately not at home may have been proof that they’re already aware of the situation.

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